Nepal Country Profile

  147,181 sq km (56,827 sq mi)
  29.9 million
  Nepali 47.8%, Maithali 12.1%, Bhojpuri 7.4%, Tharu (Dagaura/Rana) 5.8%, Tamang 5.1%, Newar 3.6%, Magar 3.3%, Awadhi 2.4%, other 10%, unspecified 2.5%
Note: many in government and business also speak English
  Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%, Kirant 3.6%, other 0.9%
 Gross National Income (per capita)
  US$ 440 (WorldBank)
  Nepalese rupee (NPR); 83 rupees = 1 US$
  varies from cool summers and severe winters in north to subtropical summers and mild winters in south
  carpets, clothing, leather goods, jute goods, grain
  All data (except GNI) taken from CIA World Factbook

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Nepal booklet
Booklet (PDF; 1MB) about Nazarene ministry in Nepal (status 2006)

Church Statistics
The Church of the Nazarene began work in Nepal in 1999.

Districts: 1
Organized Churches: 108
Mission Churches: 247
Members: 8,497
Ordained Elders: 27
Licensed Ministers: 58
Lay Pastors: 42
JESUS Film Teams: 10
Statistics correct as of November 2014


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