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Thank you for praying for our brothers and sisters throughout South Asia. It is making a great difference! Please find regular prayer and praise requests on this page; current prayer and praise items are sent out with Prayer & Praise Reports which we currently send about once a month. If you would like to receive the Prayer & Praise Reports regularly by email or post, please contact us at to have your name added to the mailing list.

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6 June 2013
29 April 2013
25 March 2013
14 February 2013
30 November 2012

Regular Praise & Prayer Requests  

Sri Lanka


We are grateful for God's continued blessing on the ministry in Bangladesh. Many hundreds are being touched by the message of Christ in word and deed.
We pray for God to touch the hearts of those seeing the JESUS Film today, meeting in initial follow-up groups or in preaching points.
We praise God for friends from several continents visiting the work, encouraging our people, helping with Work & Witness teams, or praying for many local co-workers.
We pray for the three districts and their leadership teams for wisdom and an open ear for God's guidance, especially for District Superintendents Dr. Nathan, Rev. A. Moses, and Rev. David.
We are grateful for governments and major organizations partnering with our work to serve the least and marginalized people groups, and help us care for those for whom nobody else cares.
We pray for a major project that has been submitted to the German government. Through it we hope to serve the expanding ministry in the East and serve the local communities in the tea estates.
We thank God for the dedication and commitment of our local people that often serve beyond what can be expected in sharing the love of Christ in a very personal way.
We pray for hundreds of compassionate ministries workers who respond to disasters like frequent flooding and cyclones, train children, young people and adults and guide individual ministries to become self-sustainable.
We are grateful for thousands of individual, congregational or communal sponsors that regularly support our child development ministry.
We pray for sponsors, children and each person serving them, for protection, encouragement, wisdom and the joy of the Lord in their hearts.


We are thankful for our South Asia Partners around the world—for supporting and praying for the ministry in a country that is still in turmoil and trying to overcome the results of a recent civil war.
We pray for protection for all our field-workers, for wisdom for the leadership and especially District Superintendent Dilli and his leadership team.
We are grateful for the progress at the Kathmandu Ministry Center which will give us a central place for training and for service to the local community. We thank God for those who provided the funds to make this possible.
We pray for the remaining work to be finished before the next district assembly in early 2013 and for open doors in the local community so that many will be reached with God's love.
We thank God for younger and older men and women that have dedicated their lives to reach even remotest villages in the Himalayas with the message of a God who loves them and offers his grace.
We pray for our JESUS Film teams and especially those concentrating on discipleship to ensure the planting of "strong and healthy holiness churches" that are full of people dedicated to Jesus and passionate for winning others to him.
We are grateful for regular training of new pastors and leaders in the principles of the Bible, starting and running new churches and serving people by word and deed.
We pray for leaders and students of South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) which allows students to serve in a local congregation and study at the same time by offering courses close to their homes. We pray for strength and wisdom for students to combine work and study successfully.
We glorify God for many young people who have committed their lives to serve God and the people of their country.
We pray for God to continue calling laborers into his harvest, empowering them to service, touching the hearts of those who are being served, and transforming individuals and whole communities to become agents of change in one of the poorest countries of the world.


We praise God for our partners who continue to pray for us and for the Church that has not given up on us despite all the challenges in the country!
We pray for God's continued protection and an outpouring of his Holy Spirit that will renew and transform the church, its leadership and the individual congregations.
We are grateful that God has not given up on us, but that he has promised to build his church and that he has granted us various means of ministry.
We pray particularly for District Superintendent Aneel and his family, and for God to grant him wisdom and strength in leading the church to a new and better future.
We praise God that despite political and practical challenges the JESUS Film teams continue to reach many, call them to Christ and integrate them into new congregations.
We pray for the members of the teams, their protection in the midst of religious adversity and courage for them to cross borders they would not dare to cross without the permanent presence of the Lord.
We praise God for the new staff committed to do a quality job and for older co-workers who have not given up, but are convinced that God will do great things on the various fields of ministry.
We pray for the rebuilding of theological training (SANBC) and compassionate ministries in the country. We pray for high quality teachers and leaders that are committed to training a new generation of leaders that follow Jesus' example of "preaching, teaching and healing" people (Matthew 9:35–38).
We are thankful for God's promise that the evil one will not overcome his church and that nobody and nothing can tear his children out of his hands.
We pray for the Lord's protection over all his children in Pakistan and for political stability and peace in the country. We also pray for a great harvest and "fruit that lasts" (John 15:16) in the whole work.

Sri Lanka

We praise God for peace after 26 years of civil war and for the new opportunities that have opened up all over the country.
We pray for a special portion of wisdom and compassion for those that are serving among people that have directly suffered the effects of the civil war and for those that have lost husbands, parents or children.
We praise God that he has granted us good personal relationships to leaders, local communities and individuals.
We pray for District Superintendent Daniel and NCM Director David to use these relationships wisely and protect and bless them and their families in all they do.
We thank God for teams that help us to build new ministry centers, open up new child development ministries or train new leaders.
We pray for all teachers to convey something of God's love while they teach and for children, families and communities being transformed to his glory.
We thank God for the strong growth of the ministry in Sri Lanka through the JESUS Film teams, compassionate ministries and SANBC working together in an integrated way.
We pray for an outpouring of God's Spirit on all laborers and new ministry areas, especially in the North and East. We pray for God to continue working with his grace in the central highlands, calling new leaders and pastors and empowering them for service.
We are grateful for those in the background that are not being recognized that much, office workers, finance people, drivers and the supporting families.
We pray for God to bless and encourage all that share in the ministry; we pray for them to grow ever more into a fellowship committed to and passionate about sharing the love of Christ and see his church grow.


We are grateful for the various means that enable ministry: JESUS Film equipment, Bible Story books, pastoral & leadership training (SANBC), EvangeCubes and balls, Bible Story cloths, and many more.
We pray for God to use these means to his glory and empower all the workers to use them wisely, and we pray for those that are being touched through them with the message of Christ.
We praise God for hundreds of pastors who have committed to concentrate on starting new churches in response to the Power of One training sessions.
We pray for God's wisdom and disciplined planning and steps of each pastor and local church to actually plant new churches in their neighborhood.
We praise God for the large number of young people in our churches (50–75%) and their vision to reach out to their generation.
We pray for field NYI (Nazarene Youth) leader Milton and the various national and local NYI leaders. We pray for God to call many of them into his full service and for the people that will train them.
We thank God for many opportunities to serve in man-made and natural disasters in South Asia. Sometimes challenges seem too big, but God is opening new ways to serve.
We pray for our leaders Milon (Bangladesh), Padam (Nepal) and Sachu (Sri Lanka) and all their co-workers; we pray for strength, wisdom and compassion to find ways to serve well to God's glory.
We praise God for all individuals and churches that are part of Compassion 575 or other efforts to serve in South Asia.
We pray for all "Shadow Riders", for present and future partners in ministry—people investing through prayer, giving or getting on the road. We pray for those that are being touched through this ministry that God would work on each and every one with his Holy Spirit.
We praise God for granting a harvest beyond our wildest dreams, and for thousands upon thousands being added to his kingdom.
We pray for God to empower all our leaders in the discipleship process so that they serve with discipline on fruit that lasts.
We pray for Dr. Hermann Gschwandtner and his wife Brigitte and the office staff in Germany; that God may grant them wisdom in all decisions and safety in their travels and at home.
We pray also for God to grant us a new partnership coordinator who is "a person according to his heart".

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