Join us on a journey to South Asia… get to know some of the people who have been touched by Christ's love through the Church of the Nazarene… see the world through their eyes.

Please note that these stories are copyrighted by the author and the Church of the Nazarene, South Asia Field. You are welcome to use or reproduce the stories for church purposes if you state the copyright in the following way:
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The Feast is Ready to Begin (Creative Access country, Church Growth)

“Let us pray that the Devil will not attack our people tonight! Let us pray that they will remain firm, that they will be victorious!” The young man turned to me. “You see, often our people are afraid. They suffer threats and discrimination. Many will simply not show up tomorrow.” Continue…

A Handful of Rice and Dhal (Bangladesh, Child Development)

She is holding a tiny baby, nestled tenderly in her arm. Her fingers tremble feebly as she tries to keep the large knife steady. She sits slumped, barely able to support herself. All blood seems drained from her body. By her side sits her husband, lines of worry ageing his young features. Continue…

God in the Valley of Laughing Children (Sri Lanka, JESUS Film ministry)

We advance slowly, step by step, trying to avoid the huge, water-filled potholes. Some threaten to swallow our vehicle and we evade their hidden dangers by carefully squeezing past, along the edge of a precipice. The drive to Lonach, a remote mountain village, is adventurous. Continue…

Like Paradise (Sri Lanka, Disaster Response)

It was a beautiful morning in Karaitivu on the eastern shores of Sri Lanka. Palm trees were gently swaying in a breeze. A hundred yards in front of us the Indian Ocean glistened through the trees. It was scorching hot and I was glad I had a baseball cap with me. We stepped out of the van—into the rubble: Continue…

A God Broken in Pieces (Bangladesh, JESUS Film ministry)

We had travelled far and arrived in the village late in the afternoon. Soon people were assembling in front of the Hindu temple in the village centre. They had all attended the Jesus Film showing two days before, and were eager to hear more. Continue…

Not Worthless Anymore (Bangladesh, Child Development)

When Laxmi and her sister were born, nobody rejoiced. Twins—two more hungry mouths to fill! And girls on top of that! Their father is a poor rickshaw-puller. His income hardly pays for food, let alone an education. He has four daughters and is convinced: Girls are a worthless burden! Continue…

More stories to follow soon.


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