A God Broken in Pieces (Bangladesh)
by a JESUS Film team member, edited by Dorli Gschwandtner

We had travelled far and arrived in the village late in the afternoon. Soon people were assembling in front of the Hindu temple in the village centre. They had all attended the Jesus Film showing two days before, and were eager to hear more. We sat down and started preaching about Acts 4:12, calling out to people that only through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we can receive salvation.

picture of Jesus on the crossSuddenly we realized that everybody was staring behind us at the Hindu temple, astonished, afraid, bewildered. We turned around and saw that the statue of Shiva, the highest Hindu deity, had fallen over and broken into many pieces. What a powerful sign from God! We continued preaching to the awe-struck people, and they listened to our words.

But then, some of the Hindu leaders arrived. They were very angry and shouted at us, blaming us for breaking their god. They insulted and threatened us and finally chased us out of the village. Though we were very upset, we did not give up hope and continued praying for this village and the people that had heard the message. And a few weeks later, we were able to establish a church in that place, and more and more people are accepting Christ as their Saviour every day.

Please use discretion in quoting personal testimonies from Nazarenes in South Asian countries.


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