Not Worthless Anymore (Bangladesh)
by Bangladesh Nazarene Mission, edited by Dorli Gschwandtner

picture of Bangladesh family with four daughtersWhen Laxmi and her sister were born, nobody rejoiced. Twins—two more hungry mouths to fill! And girls on top of that! Their father is a poor rickshaw-puller. His income hardly pays for food, let alone an education. He has four daughters and is convinced: Girls are a worthless burden!

In countries where girls aren't valued and poverty strangles all hope, their future is often dark. But we know: Every individual is precious to God!

One day the local Nazarene pastor went to visit a church member's home. Laxmi's father was in the house at that time. The pastor kindly inquired about his family. After hearing his tale, the pastor told him about the CDC and the activities of the centre.

children standing in the doorway of a school buildingA few days later Laxmi's father took the twins to the CDC and enrolled them. Laxmi and her sister are very happy at the CDC. This is the first time in their lives that they can go to school. They receive an education, a nutritious lunch, health care and a lot more. Every day they discover new things; they sing and play, learn rhymes and hear stories about Jesus. Now they don't feel worthless anymore!

Upon the invitation of the pastor Laxmi's family has also started coming to church on Sunday. We trust that one day Jesus will perform a miracle in Laxmi's family and they will accept Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is registered as "Bangladesh Nazarene Mission" in Bangladesh.


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